Craftsman’s Style
I tip my hat to a lot of holster makers out there, but my goal is to make exceptional original art for each shooter. I’ve spent years refining my craft with custom dyes, carving techniques and fittings to make my rigs stand out. There is a difference.
Better Fit
Whether you’re in a competition or the saloon you want to be comfortable. Hastings’ original U-Shaped belt design is crafted to keep you out of a pinch.
Quicker Draw
Hastings signature low-cut front makes for faster performance for shooters. Various state record holders can testify 
Tailored Holster Positioning
Hastings positions the holster on the hip in direct proportion to a shooter’s arm length. This provides a more comfortable fit of the belt on the hips while optimizing the time it takes to draw the gun from the holster. 

Personal Touch
Every rig is custom made and tailored to reflect your unique personality. A conversation. A vision. Research and sketches. All come together with time, experience and talent to craft your one-of-a-kind rig. 
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